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Quantum Control



Quantum Controls B.V. develops and manufactures stabilizer equipment for yachts, military and commercial vessels ranging in size from 50m – 200m.

These stabilizers decrease the roll of a vessel tremendously at any speed including zero speed™. We are determined to serve our customers with the best custom stabiliser solution, combining  requirements, specifications and optimizing onboard comfort.

Quality Control

At Quantum, quality control is taken very seriously. Each product undergoes several quality checks, such as testing the tapered bushings and a multitude of
pressure tests. To perform in-house endurance testing, there is a test rig and water basin for hydrodynamic optimization of the underwater housings.
Using advanced algorithms, the new and existing components are tested prior to any actual system installation. We also collaborate with institutes, such as
the Marin in Wageningen and HSVA in Hamburg.
With our pioneering spirit, we are committed to thoroughly testing all of our new innovations to continue to be on the cutting-edge of marine stabilizing technology.

Stabilizer Products


Quantum Controls delivers 3 types of fins in different sizes.
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The systems are easy to install and can be mounted in steel, aluminium or GRP hulls.
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A fully retractable ship stabilizer system that provides exceptional roll reduction for vessels both at ZeroSpeed and Underway.
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Rotors / MAGLift

The MagLift stabilizers are another innovation
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The controls are designed and build in house.
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