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Quantum Controls


Quantum Controls delivers 3 types of fins in different sizes.

S-type fins for underway purpose only (From 0,6 m² upto 15 m²)
P-type fins for dual purpose, zero speed and underway (From 1,0 m² upto 16 m²)
XT-type fins for dual purpose, zero speed and underway (From 1,2 m² upto 15 m²)

Quantum Controls designs and manufactures all fins in-house, focusing on vessels of approx. 50 to 200 metres in length.
The design team operate together with Universities and research institutes to create the most optimized fin profiles.
Modern CAD programs and Advanced Non-Linear FEM computational modeling are used to design the fins on the basis of ‘fatigue’ data, to ensure a long lifespan.
The result is a range of fins with excellent effectiveness at the least hydrodynamic resistance. Quantum truly sets the standard with fins measuring 0,6 m2 to 16 m2, which can be applied in one or two pairs.

The specialty of Wetech is the manufacturing of curved 3D shapes in steel. A special technology is needed to build the smooth surfaces that are most important for the hydrodynamical aspects of finblades and to decrease drag and to minimize any chance of cavitation.

The most popular system to-date is the XT Fin with an extendable section that increases the surface area by 30% resulting in a 100% more lift for Zero Speed performance.

The innovations are continuing, and Quantum offers since 2007 its patented XT Fins with an Extendable section to increase the surface area. This doubles the effectiveness of these fins at Zero Speed mode.

No other stabilizer manufacturer can offer equivalent performance in the same envelope. Another Quantum benchmark.
Our sister company in the US, Quantum Marine Stabilizers, can recommend the perfect fin solution for your vessel.

Consult with a Quantum representative for recommendations on fins: