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Quantum Controls

Hull units

Our standard hull units vary by ship size with a range of shaft diameters from 100mm to 360mm.

A hull units contains two main hydraulic cylinders that are connected through the tiller on the main shaft. The main shaft and fins are connected through a tapered hydraulic coupling. The working pressure on the main cylinders can deviate from 140 bar to 210 bar.

Below a list with the current types of Hull units, 

Type                  Torque (kNm/bar)

  • HU 1000               0,03
  • HU 1200               0,08
  • HU 1500               0,09
  • HU 1500 HD          0,13
  • HU 1800               0,15
  • HU 1800 HD          0,22
  • HU 2200               0,30
  • HU 2200 HD         0,46
  • HU 2500               0,53
  • HU 2500 HD         0,66
  • HU 3000              0,82
  • HU 3000 HD         0,97
  • HU 3600               1,22
  • HU 3600 HD         1,56
  • HU 4000               1,82

Emergency centering cylinders are standard from the HU 1800 model up, but can be added to the earlier models.

The systems are easy to install and can be mounted in steel, aluminium or GRP hulls.

RACK & PINION Hull Unit-“R Series”

Introducing the new rack and pinion actuator (hull unit), the “R Series,” designed specifically to maximize the performance of Quantum’s Fixed and XT™ Fins.
Quantum capitalized on their experience and service history with the MAGLift™ Rotor rack and pinion system to then re-engineer and advance the R Series technology. Through complex computational fluid dynamic (CFD) studies and precise model testing, this new system offers incredible advantages:

  • the shaft is fitted with roller bearings, both top and bottom that have an estimated 15,000 hour replacement schedule, significantly extending the time between haul outs and reducing maintenance costs
  • the hydraulic cylinders can be rebuilt in place, eliminating the very challenging cylinder replacement process. This single feature, represents significant savings:
    • it greatly simplifies the cylinder maintenance process
    • it reduces the service and down time of the vessel
    • it results in much lower maintenance costs
  • in certain applications, the increased swing capacity, up to 45 degrees in each direction, can greatly improve zero speed performance
  • the hydraulic locking mechanism provides double security for locking the fin and shaft in place when the system is not in use or while being serviced, even out of the water
  • there is also a manual locking pin in case of an emergency and the system requires immediate locking
  • the compact design and mounting arrangement is perfect for retrofits to either upgrade or replace other existing systems
    the rack and pinion unit results in a much smaller footprint, where engine room space is always coveted
  • with four pistons and dual racks, it exerts the full range of motion with constant torque on both sides of the gear wheel, equating to greater efficiencies and quieter operation
  • rapid acting relief valves, transfer the oil and rotate the fin to initiate the release of the drive mechanism should the vessel encounter an unexpected impact, broaching or slamming loads.
  • to simplify the operation and maintenance, the gear case is lubricated with the same hydraulic oil that is used in the hydraulic system.

Below a list with the current types of our Hull units – R

Type                  Torque (kNm/bar)

  • HU 2200 R         0,54
  • HU 2500 R         0,79
  • HU 4000 R         2,20

Consult with a Quantum representative for recommendations on Hull Units: