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Quantum Controls


The controls, designed and built in-house, are the “brains” or proprietary algorithm that automatically senses changes in the ship’s motion and sends adaptive, real-time signals to the stabilizer system.  It then uses that data, along with Quantum’s proprietary software, to determine and direct the optimal fin/rotor activity to reduce the roll of the vessel.


The ARC3000 (Adaptive Roll Control) is the first “conventional” control was designed for underway fin stabilization only, but the ARC3001 added zero speed capabilities.  It features a single unit housing the main control circuitry and the operator interface.  It is compact, simple and rugged, therefore considered ideal for basic retrofits and military applications. The traditional push-buttons and knobs on the ARC controllers provide direct and immediate feedback of the overall system condition and performance.




The SMC4000 was designed and engineered with a digital, touch screen panel, HMI  (Human Machine Interface) control, optional Modbus connections and “glass bridge” integration capabilities. The control is able to collect the ship’s speed and data via a NMEA 0183 interface and the ship motion control system is via ethernet. The “smart,” adaptive logic, tailors the ride, making the SMC4000 ideal for underway and zero speed applications. It can accommodate a 4-fin system that has become more popular in the larger 90m+ superyacht market. There is an optional remote access function, giving the onboard engineer the ability to connect remotely to Quantum via a secured server for advisement and to troubleshooting.






  • The latest most Advanced Stabilizer Control
  • The new 5000S is built on a modular platform, giving it the ability to support old, current and future control generations.
  • It can be configured to support the most basic, underway only systems as well as Zero Speed™, including the more advanced stabilizer systems developed in recent years.
  • With a heavy influence of durability, reliability and long-range capacity for future development, the 5000S is by far the single largest leap forward Quantum has made in control technology.
  • To do this economically, the controller was designed to have plug in/add on modules to increase capacity when needed and minimizing the cost of construction for the less complex units.  The new technology can be uploaded directly on to a vessel that is already in service.
  • Remote Access, the ability for Quantum to conduct service and support remotely, is a key advantage to the end user in reducing system down time and avoiding billable, travel expenses.
  • The 5000S interface has a High Definition 10” TFT – High-Performance Sunlight-Readable Display with an option for a standard 15” monitor in the engine room.
  • The system provides recommendations on individual control settings and how to adjust those settings.  The controls can also store critical information about the system, including, but not limited to project specific drawings, technical manual information, fluid recommendations etc.