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Quantum Controls

Rotors / MAGLift

The MagLift Rotor represents another ground-breaking innovation that is in a league of its own. These patented, rotating cylinders can be retracted into the hull and are highly effective, both at zero speed and underway. MagLift is based on the Magnus effect: a rotating cylinder generates lift proportional to the speed and direction of rotation. Quantum’s patented design uses hydraulic power to deploy and rotate composite or carbon cylinders directed as directed by the controls for roll reduction at anchor, and at lower speeds. MAGLift is retractable for higher speed applications, and ideal applications include sport fishing yachts, low-speed explorers (8-14 knot), expedition vessels, and large yachts (upward of 91m/300 ft).

Rotor Hull Unit Series

ML380     –     Rotor Length: 2660 mm     –     Rotor diameter: Ø380 mm
ML460     –     Rotor Length: 3200 mm     –     Rotor diameter: Ø460 mm
ML540     –     Rotor Length: 3780 mm     –     Rotor diameter: Ø540 mm
ML600     –     Rotor Length: 4000 mm     –     Rotor diameter: Ø630 mm

Raking rotors

MagLift rotors generate a stabilizing force, also called the lift force, to minimize the roll of a ship. Like any type of stabilizer, besides generating the useful lift force, also a drag force is generated. This force does not assist in stabilizing the ship. It is a non-useful force, that either slows down the ship or makes that more engine power is required to maintain the same ship speed. In normal stabilizing operation, the rotors are fully deployed, so sticking out sideways. When the ship speeds up, both lift and drag forces will increase. To prevent excessive drag we have developed the patented “rake function,” where the rotors are positioned in more favorable position, with the tip of the rotor pointing more aft instead of sideways. This lowers the drag force, whilst still maintaining a good lift force. In this way fuel consumption is lowered, without loss of performance in stabilizing the ship.

Consult with a Quantum representative for recommendations on rotors: