Patrick Boumans

Age: years
Years at Quantum: More than 20 years

Employed as: General Manager / Business Manager

“I am most proud of the evolution of the company. It all started in 2000, delivering our first small stabilizer system and now more then 20 years later, Quantum is the gold standard in Yacht Stabilization. In these years, the company grew with the key people who are still in leadership roles today. In order to realise this growth, we had to work very long hours… and accept modest revenues.

With our global reach in the 80m+ superyacht market, we may seem like a big company, but due to our progressive innovations, capable engineering team and a lot of determination, we have been able to maintain a small, effective team. As a result, we are the chosen stabilizer system on most of the world’s largest superyachts. We work in a collaborative environment, so that when we do run into unexpected challenges, we work together to arrive at the best solution for our customer.

As I look back on our journey, I can proudly say that it was well worth it!”